Shouting out “Pilates” from top of the mountains

The fact that you are reading this means that you either love pilates already or are curious about discovering the amazing world of pilates and will soon join the crowd of enthusiasts. Why you may ask, because like life itself its about breathing and moving…simple.

I thought of a theme for this year…a move from the classical pilates called “The Teaser” because in a way it represents the beauty and elegance of pilates. It requires/develops the abdominals and hip flexors strength and stamina. The picture I am posing my teaser in one of the beautiful mountains of Persia at the magical moments of sunset.

Go ahead and have a go! You can even modify it to a simpler and more doable form by bending your knees for example. Always remember that if it doesn’t feel good then it’s not good. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below. I like to see your pictures so don’t forget to post them on Instagram #2015teasers.

Till the next one smile and keep loving pilates!


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